Sunday, November 27, 2011

a day of parkour & freerun

As you can see this is new blog for photos because patis first blog is about videos and I do not like upload photos there. So here is blog only for photos and edit in photoshop.  Yesterday I was shooting freerun jam in Trencin.  I tried what my new camera can do, finally. Definitly satisfaction with canon 550D, just one problem, memory card was full really fast. I gat 16GB card and never was full before and now was. Here you can see the best of photos from yesterday. Last night I done this stuff, hopefuly you like colors, it is something other, than normaly. And what video ? Video you can wait maybe until next week. Now I am just looking for good music. So check patis frist blog later. (This photos will be uploaded on facebook and too)


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